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Hi. We're WORN - and we're the anti-cotton sock company.  Partially because of cottons hugely negative environmental impact (cotton requires 20k liters of water to produce one raw kilogram and the crop itself uses appx 16% of ALL pesticides globally each year, making it a top waste water producer) but also because, once its spun into a yarn, it will absorb 5x its own weight in water, which is why your feet feel damp and gross all the time. 

Sick of soggy feet, over the last few years we developed a proprietary fabric we call Arrowool, which is a performance enhanced merino that lasts 4x longer than cotton, wicks two times more effectively than wool, won't lose its shape in the wash and has zero itch. Think of it like under armour and merino made a soft soft baby.

We've scaled 4.5x in the last 12 months adding 10's of thousands of new customers and 1.2m in Rev in 2021  . We're now scaling inventory to keep up for Q4 demand.   


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