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Tidewater Sandals is a footwear brand with a track record of generating revenue by producing quality sandals and flip flops that are supportive and comfortable without sacrificing style. I am even more excited to announce that Tidewater will introduce its first non-sandal product this fall - SLIPPERS! Because these are indoor/outdoor shoes, our duties from China will be 6% vs. 37.5%. Hello, margins! So we're back for our second KF campaign.

It has been a fun quarter at Tidewater despite the external economic environment. In addition to being the beginning of our busiest season of the year (June - September), we were featured on Good Morning America on 5/21, which generated $105,000 in sales in one day. But, more importantly, we added 3,800 new customers with a potential lifetime value of $152!

Since May, we've been working with a CRM/email agency to improve our backend relationship marketing and have seen great results. In addition to growth in other marketing channels, we achieved a 42% increase in sales year to date.

Lastly, we've started working with a new design and sourcing agent and will be moving production from China to Mexico in the second half of 2023. This will reduce our freight cost and complexity and significantly reduce the time to market for new products.  

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