Ozark Armament

Ozark Armament returns for 3rd Co-op!

Tigard, Oregon


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22.71% Annualized $24.14 profit per pack

7 MonthsCo-Op Completed

67% Percentile Annualized Co-Op Profit Margin Rank

COVID-19 STATEMENT: The firearm accessory industry has experienced enormous growth post-COVID and we expect to see even more growth for Ozark Armament going forward.  In regards to industry shipping delays: this inventory is already in transit with an ETA of mid-July.  Based on current shipping conditions and the potential for delay, we are conservatively forecasting this being available to sell on 9/1. 

We are excited to present our 3rd Co-op opportunity to the KickFurther community!  

Ozark Armament has experienced outstanding demand over the past year.  We achieved strong results despite experiencing stock-out issues this past year as we struggled to keep up inventory with demand.  We continue to see our sales trends go up and are in a position where we want to be able to capitalize on the opportunities in front of us. We have been selling our product line for 5 years primarily on Amazon along with eBay, our website & recently Walmart as well.

After completing our first co-op, we're currently conducting our 2nd and now offering our 3rd.  We appreciate your interest very much!

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