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MANTL is a champion brand empowering the bald and balding to embrace natural change through skincare and community.   We are award winning, premium skincare (Men's Health Brand Innovation & Esquire Magazine - Best SPF) that is clean, simple, and easy to use.  No sulfates, parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, or dyes are in our formulas.   We provide a simple routine for your daily Face + Scalp needs for all skin tones and skin types.

But, we aren't just skincare, we are a community supporting and empowering bald and balding people through their bald journey.  We launched in February of 2020 and quickly gained traction by growing our community to over 20K people and have been featured in major outlets with over 2 Billion media impressions - GQ, Esquire, WSJ, Essence, and Men's Health Magazine to name a few.

We sell our products through Direct to Consumer (, Amazon, and we can be found in over 80 retail doors at Nordstrom and online.

MANTL is positioned for rapid growth - First to Market, Product Market Fit, Business Validation - 
  • First-to-market premium brand focused on empowering bald men through skin care and community.
  • 2020 launch exceeded expectations by winning broad reach through billions of media impressions and millions of social media interactions.
  • Validated the business by delivering triple digit growth, thousands of orders, efficient customer acquisition cost and return on ad spend — positioning the business to drive exponential growth in 2021.
MANTL’s core pillars for our growth plan —
  • Making the best skin care products on the planet - 2020 proved we can deliver award winning, highly rated products - Esquire & Men’s Health awards with an average of 4.8 stars and hundreds of reviews.
  • Running an efficient, data driven, growing business-  focus on key performance indicators, revenue drivers, profit drivers, and cost -  reduced our CAC, increased our ROAS, increased our revenue and orders Q/Q, moved our fulfillment center for better efficiency, capability (wholesale fulfillment), and scalability, and reduced our contractor fees.
  • Plan for Exponential Growth - plan for international expansion, wholesale, direct to consumer, and business to business.
  • High Performing, Deep Skincare/CPG Experience with Unicorns - The Honest Company, Dollar Shave Club, Netflix Star.
2020 was strong in the face of the pandemic, 2021 is exponential - +600% growth plan. 
  • JCrew launching online in June
  • International Expansion - Canada & UK/EU launching in June/July
  • Major retailer secured for 2022 leading to triple digit growth
  • Continued DTC and Amazon growth supported with increasing marketing spend on efficient customer acquisition metrics.

Business Strengths & Metrics:
  • Hit Q1 2021 Target, while using 67% of the budget. (Under budget by $100K) .
  • Fulfillment Efficiency &  High Customer Satisfaction
    •  < 1% Returns and Damages ( DTC & Wholesale). 
  • High Business Intelligence Visibility (Fuse Platform): 
    • Ability to scale up production ahead of manufacturing lead times to react to inbound interests while avoiding out-of-stocks.
  • Repeat Customer rate of 30% within the first 3 months.
  • Average order value of $45
Use of Funds:
  • The funding will be used to replenish our Invisible Daily SPF 30 inventory, to keep up with increasing demand across both DTC, Amazon, and Nordstrom.

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