Purism, SPC

Librem 13 funding for September 2019

San Francisco, CA


Total Raised
Total Payout

Inventory Inspection Type

19.72% Annualized $34.01 profit per pack

3.1 MonthsCo-Op Completed

50% PercentileAnnualized Co-Op Profit Margin Rank

Hello KF Buyers,

We are Purism and we are and we are back in Kickfurther for the sixth time. We manufacture computers that Do Not Track You, and we believe in users' rights. We also believe you should never be monitored or recorded without your consent; that you should not have to surrender your freedom and your information to corporations – for their profit. Here at Purism we work closely with hardware manufacturers and with the free software community, to build high-quality hardware that respects your digital life.

Purism leads the industry in software freedom, computer security, and internet privacy.

This Co-Op is meant to finance,the Librem 13 laptop computer.

Earlier this year we completed a Co-Op 5 weeks early for 2.5x this many Librem 13's

News and Press

Librem 13 Review

Purism Upgrades Librem 13 And 15 Linux Laptops Without Raising The Price

We do have substantial funds on hand, but we are constantly developing new products, in order to expand our company. By financing our inventory on Kickfurther, we mean to ensure we have the necessary means to meet our growing demand – as well as the space to expand our product line. Our company is growing incredibly fast, and the Librem 13 is an established popular product. in fact earlier this year we completed a Co-Op 5 weeks early for 2.5x the number of Librem 13's we are funding on this deal.  

  • Revenue is greater than $6 Million with 100% growth year-over-year

This is our third time using the Kickfurther platform.  Our company is a Social Purpose Corporation (SPC) devoted to ensuring the security, privacy and freedom of its users. Placing our values over profits is at the heart of our identity as a company, and that is why we make an excellent brand-partner on Kickfurther.

In fact, we have a track record of early completions on our Kickfurther Co-Ops

  • Co-Op 1 (2016) - 6 months early

  • Co-Op 2 (2017) - 3 weeks early

  • Co-Op 3 (2019) - 5 weeks early - This was for the same product as this Co-Op, for 2.5X more product than this Co-op is funding. 

  • Co-Op 4 (2019) - 3 months early

We did not complete Co-Ops early in order to access more funds – we simply believe in performance and caution. We have successfully paid back over 500k this year alone. We successfully completed a Co-Op for this product 2.5 times the size of this one. This time is similar to our previous usage, the additional inventory will allow us to meet our growing demand, and to keep up on our production of new product lines, ensuring the progress of our company.  Please feel free to ask us questions in the comment section!

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