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Hungry Fan BBQ Tools

New York, NY

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22.71% Annualized $1.50 profit per pack

2.3 MonthsCo-Op Completed

67% Percentile Annualized Co-Op Profit Margin Rank

This Co-Op will be used to purchase inventory for three of our top-selling items. We have been in business for over three years and have a consistent track record of sales. Hungry Fan is an eCommerce-only business with products retailing on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and in our own Shopify store.  We have experienced tremendous post-COVID growth and now need assistance supporting an increased volume of orders.

Our Amazon sales channel is the most established. Shopify, Walmart, and eBay were all recently launched (~6 weeks), and are generating sales.

Our supply chain and logistics processes are well established. The products are private label and manufactured in China. We have a 3-year relationship with the factory, and the product defect/refund rate is below 3%. We also have established post-production and pre-shipment inspection processes.

Similarly, we have worked with our freight forwarder for over a year and have not encountered any issues beyond occasional customs delays. We only use third-party fulfillment domestically, and the majority of the inventory is housed by Amazon in FBA facilities.

Based on our prior year sales, increased Amazon sales channel growth (>100%), and the addition of new retail channels, we anticipate selling through this inventory in 60 - 90 days.

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