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Hormone Balance Nutritionals dba WELLENA Round 2!

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We make clean supplements and skincare products to help women balance hormones naturally. We've had a consistent 30 to 40% growth each year. As an e-commerce-only brand, we enjoy high product margins that don't get eroded by retail distribution. We sell through our beautiful Shopify store and on Amazon (just started 4 months ago). We have nurtured a highly loyal and trusting audience of women; therefore in Shopify,  50% of our buyers are repeat customers. By adding videos, lifestyle photography and infographics, our store converts at 4.1% (our industry average is 2%) which is 41% higher than last year in 2020.  Our latest book, "Overcoming Estrogen Dominance" was just released in March and has been extremely well received by our community - we sold nearly all of the 4,000 books (and are therefore raising funds for a reprint) and received 4.7 stars in Amazon reviews.

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