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Happy Nuts Kickfurther Co-Op

Playa Del Ray, CA


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7.55% Co-Op Profit Margin $6.90 profit per pack

5.1 MonthsDuration


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The primary objective of this co-op is to secure capital for our flagship product (Happy Nuts Comfort Cream) and to build credibility with the Kickfurther community, enable bigger production runs in the future as demand grows, and avoid stock outs.

Our revenue grew over 500% in 2020 from 2019 and we’re growing even faster in 2021, so having large inventory stock for the holiday season is a key objective. 

Happy Nut Comfort Cream launched in 2019 and has received great buzz (Kickstarter overfunded), ~3000 positive reviews on Amazon, and has exceeded expectations with in-store retail partners like Urban Outfitters. We encourage you to try our products via our Ultimate Sack Kit or on Amazon

Following our flagship product, Happy Nuts Comfort Cream, we have launched an unscented version as well as a line of natural 5oz bar soap called Man Slab. This fall, we'll be launching a Comfort Powder,  14oz Nut and Body Wash, and "The Ballber", an electric trimmer designed specifically for trimming pubes. We are on track to generate 7 figures in revenue for 2021 and Kickfurther's funding will greatly help us have enough inventory in stock for the holidays. 

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