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My name is Ethan Woods, I am the owner and inventor of the Grillbot!  Launched in 2014 with the idea of creating the "Roomba for your Grill"!  Grillbot is a revolutionary tool that cleans any barbecue grill with a press of a button and is the only fully automatic grill cleaning robot on the market today!

From my launch at the International Housewares Show in Chicago to CES, The National Hardware Show, HPBEXO and more, Grillbot has won top honors and innovation awards in almost all of them.  The demand has consistently outpaced supply and we are constantly sold out before Grillbots leave the factory floor or while still in transit from China!  With over 15 million new grills sold each year (30 million worldwide), and 80% of household grilling on a regular basis, the demand is easy to understand.

Grillbot, LLC owns extensive IP protection worldwide.  Both Design and utility patents, copyright/trademarks in the US, EU, China, Australia, Canada, Scandinavia and more...

Grillbot has been featured multiple times on all major television networks from the NBC Today Show, Good Morning America, Fox & Friends, plus many daytime talk shows, radio shows, print publications and so much more. Links can be found on our website/youtube/google search etc...  Grillbots are recognized around the world and we have shipped large quantities to places like Denmark, Czech Republic, Australia, Canada etc etc...

As a holiday gift, Grillbot makes the perfect gift and we consistently sell out each holiday season!  It is unique, in a box packaging and costs around $100 retail.  Each year, starting mid November we launch tv commercials and sell out before Christmas.  This year, we have setup Amazon UK, Amazon EU, Amazon Australia with more in the works.  With all these added countries we will sell out much sooner and need help ramping up production and inventory.  Currently, we will not have enough inventory to satisfy demand this holiday season!  To better understand the drastic increase we see in holiday sales all you need to do is look at our Amazon history for November & December, we average approximately, $450-$500k during this time each year before running out of inventory.  With your help, we are projecting between $650-$750,000 for the holidays!

Thank you,
Ethan Woods, Owner & CEO
Grillbot, LLC

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