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Good Groceries Co-Op 9 - Thin Puffed Cakes

Melville, New York

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18.79% Annualized $57.12 profit per pack

4.3 MonthsCo-Op Completed

44% PercentileAnnualized Co-Op Profit Margin Rank

 Covid-19 is certainly having an impact on the food industry in many ways. Higher demands for inventory and stresses on the distribution and manufacturing infrastructure has created many obstacles.

Looking to overcome current obstacles and attain future growth we feel it imperative that our online presence be strong and diverse. We've committed to Google's small business development program as well as hiring a top-rated Amazon marketing company.

Leading up to the current worldwide crisis eCommerce sales were growing year after year as brick on mortar stores shut their doors. This has all been amplified by the current environment and we strongly feel that online purchasing will be at an elevated level when we come out the other side.
Our current inventory demand is exasperated by our existing retailers. Keeping up to demand has stretched our vendor credit limits to the max leaving little room for further growth i.e. eCommerce launch.

Incorporating Kickfurther has been a success!  Product continues to flow and paybacks made in full; often ahead of schedule. Demand and back orders for our Suzie's products continues to grow. We are now looking to raise funding for expanding Canadian sales. Our manufacturers are long time partners and value our business. This line is recognized throughout Canada; both in stores and online through 3rd party sellers. Growing sales and increased distribution has expanded our presence in the Canadian marketplace. Our puffed thin cakes are a big part of our growing relationship with Kickfurther; ensuring product availability for our swelling customer base.

We look forward to future raises that will include our other items such as organic RTE Quinoas, non-dairy oatmilk beverage, specialty cookies and many more.

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