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We disrupted the boring old bathrobe three years ago, designing something guys today actually WANT to wear.  
Our customers are seeking cooler, more functional robes and loungewear than what's generally available on the market...and we are the solution.  
From Kickstarter to Shark Tank during our first few months in business to pro sports locker rooms in Year 2, we're just now really hitting our stride in Year 3.   
 We continue to sell out of our inventory, so we're seeking funding of our Robes, Shorts & Pants to bring in more inventory to further fuel our growth.  
 Our growth in 2020 has been exponential.  We’ve seen a tremendous increase in sales on our website despite the Covid crisis.  In fact, 2020 is up +1,890% YTD over 2019 on our website, with growth only curtailed by our limited inventory.  We had to stop advertising after Father's Day so we could catch up on orders as a result of our depleted inventory.  
 On Amazon, we've already exceeded our revenues for all of 2019...and we would be up far more but we needed to allocate our somewhat limited inventory to DudeRobe.com.   
Year over year our sales for the first half of 2020 are up as follows:
Mar 2020 vs Mar 2019  -     +897% (First month of FB Ad Spend)
 Apr 2020 vs Apr 2019  -   +2,130%
 May 2020 vs May 2019 -  +4,144%
 Jun 2020 vs Jun 2019 -    +4,974%
 Jul 2020 vs Jul 2019 -      +1,972% (Stopped advertising July 4 weekend)
Inventory = Tremendous Opportunity
We experienced this inventory shortfall for two reasons. One, our demand was much greater than we could have anticipated. And two, our Pakistani-based factory was shut down for Covid for nearly 6 weeks. We’ve been working with this factory for more than two years, since right after our first production run and they’ve done a nice job of catching us back up to full inventory.    
Unfortunately, because of the lack of inventory, we had to forego opportunities to appear on Good Morning America for Father’s Day (Deals & Steals) as well as some other opportunities, including Touch of Modern, a significant distribution partner of ours.  We’ve been named “Best of Touch of Modern,” meaning we are in the Top 10% of their Partners. If we had ample inventory, our revenue story would look even better.  
Fortunately, both GMA & Touch of Modern have asked us to re-engage as soon as we have ample inventory for their respective opportunities.  
In terms of fulfillment, we moved to a new fulfillment center during Covid, enabling us to catch up quickly once our inventory did arrive.  And we are now better positioned to handle our flash-style sale on Good Morning America as well as the wholesale order from Touch of Modern.  

 We're excited to join the KickFurther community as this funding will bolster our inventory for continued growth through the end of q3 and q4…and enable us to deliver a cooler lounging experience to thousands of eager dudes.  There has never been a better time to offer dudes this combination of comfort & coolness.  We are fortunate to have so many exciting things going on and we can’t wait to share them with you as we steep ourselves further in the KickFurther community.  Thank you in advance for your consideration and support!

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