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Body Wrappers 3rd Co-Op: Undergarments and Ripstops

Elizabeth, NJ

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13.4% Co-Op Profit Margin $486.87 profit per pack

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Thank you for supporting our first and second Co-Ops! We are happy and proud to announce that we were able to complete our first Co-Op early. We were able to pay back in full all of our backers in 2.2 months.

Body Wrappers is excited to launch our third Co-Op! We are so thrilled to be able to share our products on this platform. For our third Co-Op, we will be showcasing our best-selling Ripstop and Undergarment styles!

Our products are unique because we strive to create a perfect fit with every product. Once the fit is correct, we source out the best materials to show off this tight. With the right fit and fabric to become the best in its industry.

Body Wrappers Mission Statement: "Our mission as a 40-year-old manufacturer of dance apparel is to produce dance wear of the highest quality, comfort, durability, versatility, value, and beauty designed to enhance the experience of the dancer. Body Wrappers is driven to achieve excellence not only through our diverse line of products but in the service offered to our retail partners."

We aim to provide the world's best dance products while practicing honest and considerate business ethics. We also feature dancers at the peak of their craft in marketing materials to give young people the best examples and role models to follow. We have the resources to create both traditional and trendy dance apparel, which is needed and desired by all types of dancers. We maintain a constant watch for new and improved fabrics and designs that will enhance the dancer's experience.

Body Wrappers works to stay current by offering diversity in their designs as the dance world revolves from the traditional forms of dance to the more contemporary forms of dance. We strive to be a part of the dance community by working with their retail distributors on store events, special events, and support of dance companies and organizations within each of their communities.

We sell wholesale to over 800 retailers, schools, and dance studios. Our sales channels include Faire, independent sales reps, direct-to-consumer e-commerce website, and trade shows. Our conversion rate on Faire is well above average and our reorder rate is pretty significant. We have 12 amazing independent sales reps, all of whom are actively selling our dance wear and active wear to retailers in their territory, nurturing current wholesales accounts, and attending trade shows. 

We ask you to trust our brand as our valued customers trust in it and lets GROW together! 

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